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Albaglobal: Translation Industry

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Translating Sexuality:
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 06:30:07 CEST (2562 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

The Translation Industry and Adult Websites


Frequently used as an instrument of political censure, translation is equally in the service of the capital in whose interests it proliferates in an ever-increasing number of languages and cultures. Just like many traditional businesses, the adult entertainment industry calls on local translation specialists more and more to export its products. Using a study conducted on an agency specializing in the translation and adaptation of adult websites, the present article provides a close-up on this little-known practice. In an environment where censure, self-censure, and a multiplicity of national legislations often determine form and content, and where sexuality becomes a banal form of merchandise, how do translators position themselves? What ethical and linguistic problems do they encounter in translating these sexual terms so deeply engrained in the fabric of culture?

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Speaking in (Many) Tongues Can Be Profitable
Posted by support on Wednesday, May 07 @ 06:04:42 CEST (2469 reads)
Topic Translation Industry
Published: April 30, 2006
WANTED, and in many instances urgently needed: translators and interpreters of numerous languages into English. Opportunities especially good in New York and other cities with large and highly varied immigrant populations. And in government agencies where certain Middle Eastern and Asian languages have surged in priority in the post 9/11 world.

IN TRANSLATION Ethel Ugbebor gave up chemistry when her first jobs as an interpreter of Nigerian languages proved more profitable. She now owns a translating company.

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Winning the War of Words (Part 2)
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:56:25 CEST (2137 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

In my previous article on U.S. defense spending on language, Winning the War of Words, I pointed out the need for the U.S. government to utilize the talents that the translation and localization industry has. However, in selecting language resources to fight the war on terror, it has relied on defense contractors to handle language issues, with little consideration of their qualifications in the industry. One firm, Titan Corporation, which did no translation three years ago, is in line for a contract worth US$ 1.5 billion to be awarded in July 2004.
Editor’s Note: The source for all numbers and the information on the allegations referencing Titan is As Titan Mutates to Meet Needs of Pentagon, Risks Become Clear, written by Jonathan Karp and published by the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) on June 28, 2004.

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Europe's Language Industry in 2003
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:52:59 CEST (2111 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

Europe must have one of the world's most heterogeneous language markets. It includes segments in which people speak one variety of today's dominant English tongue, a scatter of alert, culture-conscious speakers of languages with a few million speakers such as Danish, Dutch and Catalonian, a country such as France with a strong tendency to legislate language usage, and a mix of both Latin and non-Latin scripts.

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Enterprise-wide Content Convergence
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:32:03 CEST (2142 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

Founded centuries ago in Denmark and owned by a private trust, Stibo Catalog is today a flourishing provider of Enterprise Content Management systems (ECMS), with a special focus on Catalog Management solutions for the B2B segment. According to John Olsen, VP for Business Development at Stibo, “The company is positioned at the point where digital assets, records and Web content are converging, ready to deliver full solutions to this new content nexus. At the end of the day, ECMS is all about ensuring efficient internal workflows and infrastructure to meet customers’ future requirements.” Read how an old Europe technology supplier sees the new realities of the global content business.

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Branding Is a Lot Like... Translation
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:30:05 CEST (2072 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

Are we communicating clearly the value of what we (can) deliver? Or do we concentrate too much on what we do and how we do it, thus downplaying the why, the ultimate benefit – which is the value of enabling organizations to reach and service new regions of the world?
This is an issue for all of us (clients, service and tools providers, consultants, academics, etc.) because all of us have internal and external customers and stakeholders who depend on our expertise to enable them to do business and/or to communicate cross-border.
The discipline of Branding can help. LISA Member Q. Malandrino, Chairman and CEO of BrandLink Corporation, suggests that Branding is a lot like …. translation. In the following article, he presents Branding as a discipline and explains why it is important to the Language Services Industry.

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''Transcreation'' Gaining Momentum
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:22:46 CEST (2390 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

The term "transcreation" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it is getting used increasingly by a new wave of firms seeking to distance themselves from translation firms.
This article profiles an ad agency that is marketing transcreation as a value-added service. Here's an excerpt:

Tayrona, whose clients include Hilton Hotels and larger ad agencies working for such multinationals as furniture giant Ikea, has some 20 staffers on contract from Los Angeles, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. It's a virtual office of collaborators connected by Web cameras and keyboards, and helps reduce overhead, Osorio said.

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Ranking of Top 20 Translation Companies for 2004
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:11:29 CEST (2171 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

INTRODUCTION Financial analysis is the mother of invention. We do not mean cooking the books, but instead figuring out how to assess entities for which there is little direct comparison. Faced with a small pool of language services providers that release financial data, we had a tough time late last year when we analyzed the business fundamentals of two publicly-traded LSPs. That made benchmarking these companies against comparable firms a real chore. On top of that Bloomberg had pronounced these LSPs to be a computing services and a network products firm, respectively. That wasn’t a good start for our relative valuation of LSPs.

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Government Business Intelligence and Translation
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:04:42 CEST (2120 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

Language translation is becoming increasingly important to business intelligence within the public sector.

In a recent TIME Magazine article about Iraq there was a disturbing quote. It regarded the amount of captured documents that military intelligence could not analyze since they couldn’t be translated. “You should see the warehouse in Qatar where we have this stuff,” said a high-ranking former military official. “We’ll never be able to get through it all.”

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Translation Accreditation Boards/Institutions in Malaysia
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:01:41 CEST (2919 reads)
Topic Translation Industry

Presently there are no Translation Accreditation Boards in Malaysia. The researcher was informed of this by Puan Siti Rafiah bt. Sulaiman, the Head of the Translation Section of the Malaysian National Institute of Translation (ITNMB). According to her, ITNMB is still in the process of drawing up translation programmes with the help of translator certification office-holders in America, New Zealand and Australia, i.e., the American Translators Association, New Zealand Translators Association and the Australian Translators Association. According to her, the certification office-holders of these associations will be contacted to evaluate ITNMB's translation programmes and finally the authorities at ITNMB can have their translation courses accredited by authorities at the Malaysian Board of Accreditation or Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (LAN), which will issue the certificate of accreditation for ITNMB's translation courses. The authorities at LAN can do this because although ITNMB reports to the government, it is registered under the Register of Companies and thus is still considered a private institution offering its own courses to the public. This has not been achieved as yet, but steps are now being taken in this direction.

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