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Albaglobal: Translation Market

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Linking Up Translation Stakeholders Through Innovation
Posted by kmalko on Wednesday, July 01 @ 05:59:11 EDT (1965 reads)
Topic Translation Market

The Albanian translation labor market is recently facing various challenges in terms of human resources quality, and innovation. On the other hand the translator’s profession is becoming more and more interdisciplinary by strongly embracing information technology and technological competencies, besides the traditional linguistic skills. Foreign investments and corporates are bringing in Albania a new global culture that needs immediate institutional and commercial localization.

1In the framework of the “Horizon 2020” EU Program, which aims to remove barriers to innovation and make it easier for the public and private sectors to work together in delivering innovation, the EU Directorate General for Translation has linked up translation stakeholders in order to discuss issues that concern translation students, translation labor market and education providers.

How can we make transition of the innovative solutions from the lab to the market? How can we develop the academic curricula and the translation technological competences in function to the private sector? All these questions need an immediate follow up in order to link language service providers and universities for creating a better working environment for the translators, in this community that is dynamically changing.

The European Studies have taken into consideration the translation labor market and raised questions like: What competences are actually needed in the translation labor market? Do the translators that are actually working for private institutions feel comfortable with the competences gained after graduations? How happy are the translation students with their knowledge on the field? 2According to a study from McKinsey, 74% of the education providers in Europe are confident that their graduates were prepared for work, but only 38% of the youth and 35% of employers agree.

Nowadays the translation profession is becoming more and more interdisciplinary by increasingly embracing IT and technological skills, besides the traditional language and linguistic competences.

In order to be more effective translators need to be technology savvy, proficient in the usage of various software tools, online systems and databases. All these skills need to be absorbed in order to face the following challenges: 

a. The working environment where the communication with colleagues, partners, clients and community is becoming more dynamic and digital.

b. The foreign corporation investments in Albania, which are exporting along with their services and products also their culture, therefore a commercial and corporate localization would be needed (digital content, product manuals, trainings etc.)

c. The digital content: This post-internet boom, increased more rapidly around 2006. Nobody could imagine that the digital content would increase so drastically with a huge amount of content needing localization according to a specific language and culture (e.g. on-line buying are more likely to happen when people do understand the language used in the webpage).  

The world of translation has changed and improved. The translation through Computer Assisted Tools has created a connection between the manual stage of translation and the software application transforming the translation process in an interaction between human being and computers. 

It is amazing to see the continuous efforts in creating a technology that improves the translation process by means of terminology memory and translation applications. Advanced practices have shown that translators have improved their work into perfection through the software. They don’t translate mechanically but they focus on content, knowing deeply the specific field, improving the creative skills in copy writing, editing etc. 

The gaps between the academia and the labor market in Albania can only be closed through implementation of modern curricula in university and by promoting translation values through a well-defined platform:

- Promoting the Translation Studies in high schools with the aim to raise awareness and interest among the youth.

- Creating a “translation environment” in the university in order to “simulate” as in a laboratory the real working conditions for a translator (Realizing translation process through digital applications with integration between translation and terminology).

- A tailor made approach through seminars and workshops where the best innovative practices and needs for translation are addressed. Translation is not only needed in fields like teaching or tourism, but also in marketing, legislation, agriculture etc.

- Testing the digital translation platforms: starting with the simplest programs (CAT tools) up to the “cloud” systems where the university would be the direct beneficiary by creating its own official terminology data base for an impeccable consistence of academic materials.

The translation shouldn’t be a purpose on its own, but a meaning of communication in order to connect societies, readers, markets and consumers.

Translators have more values rather than those perceived in general. It is the moment to reconsider the definition of being professional by enrollment of translation applications in the academic curricula.

All these challenges can be successfully accomplished throughout a close link between the translators’ community, academia and the private institutions.

1Translating Europe Forum 2014

2Translating Europe Forum 2014

Klodiana Malko
AlbaGlobal Marketing & Communications Manager

International Conference
"Inspiring and Empowering Studies in English Language Teaching, British and American Studies"
May 2015

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The Influence of the Market on Translating—
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 07:20:00 EDT (3372 reads)
Topic Translation Market


Tt was not until the late 1970s, to be more exact, in 1978, the year of reform and political opening-up, that the real market-oriented translation appeared in mainland China. By market-oriented translation I mean a kind of translation service which every individual or organization can access. Before 1978 China was relatively closed, only open to socialist and Third World (Chairman Mao's term) countries. International cultural, economic and technical exchanges were not frequent. As a result, there was little need of translation services. The basic pattern of the then translation market was self-sufficient in the sense that the government departments and state-owned enterprises had their own full-time salaried translators whose service was provided only for their own institutions. As for the freelance translators, they were actually part-timers and always affiliated with a certain governmental organization doing a certain civil service work; their number was quite limited. In one word, the market at that time was not totally open.

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Supply and Demand Analysis of Patent Translation
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 06:56:43 EDT (2992 reads)
Topic Translation Market
As the internet shortens the intellectual distance between countries, worldwide patent information becomes easily accessible. In order to protect novel inventions, it is important to file a patent in patent offices and distribute patent information online. Since patents are granted for innovations, patents reflect economic growth of a country by illustrating creative activities and displaying the knowledge power of that particular country or region. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to promoting an international intellectual property system, asserts that patent activities reflect up-to-date changes of worldwide industries, and as a consequence, good-quality information is essential in the understanding of current developments (WIPO, 2007h).

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Everything’s Comin’ up Roses
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 06:41:35 EDT (3109 reads)
Topic Translation Market
(with apologies to Stephen Sondheim)

I often wonder whether the leaders (if one wishes to apply such lofty nomenclature) of this country's numerous translator and interpreter organizations live in some kind of blessed land of milk and honey, a land of beautiful aromatic flowers and streams and brooks of pristine water, a land of sunshine and smiles, where n'er a cloud darkens the day. And if such land of milk and honey exists, I surely want to go there.
Prices for basic goods and services are increasing dramatically across the board. Yet, translation prices have dropped and translator income has remained relatively stagnant.
Indeed, one can voyage to this land of sunshine via the many publications issued by these numerous translator and interpreter organizations. Therein, the visitor from the more earthly world of translation and interpreting will be fed with honey and sweets such as "A School Outreach Profile" or "Promoting Translation in Education" or "Translating U.S. Undergraduate Admissions into Spanish". And if your craving for honey and sweets has still not been satisfied, you can feast on the tasty grapes of "Pursuing a PhD in Translation at Kent State University" or "How a Linguist looks at Translation".

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12 Job Application Tips For Copywriters
Posted by ermali on Monday, October 15 @ 05:04:45 EDT (2793 reads)
Topic Translation Market

I recently advertised for freelance copywriters to work for my copywriting business and received some 200 applications. I've done quite a bit of recruiting in the past, so, from the outset, I knew exactly what sort of expertise I was after. I also knew I'd be inundated with applications, and that the applicants would come from all sorts of backgrounds with varying levels of copywriting expertise. I was very specific about the application requirements, and I had systems set up to filter and categorize applications. I thought I had it all covered. I should have known I couldn't be that lucky!

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Selling to the Bottom Line
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 09 @ 06:18:26 EDT (2239 reads)
Topic Translation Market

"Every person who has ever started a business, I imagine, thought he had a good idea. It's the smart person, and the rare person, who tries to find out the most important thing: do other people think it's a good idea?"

Bernard Kamoroff, author of "Small-Time Operator"

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Investing in existing clients pays off
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 09 @ 06:05:27 EDT (2212 reads)
Topic Translation Market

Did you know that the cost of acquiring a new client is five to seven times greater than the cost of retaining an existing one? While it clearly makes good commercial sense to look after clients well, sales activities are more often focused on winning new business and client care is not always given the attention that it deserves.

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Are you an apple, orange or a fruit basket?
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 09 @ 04:16:22 EDT (2317 reads)
Topic Translation Market

Mary Jones is a program manager at a global telecommunications firm that spends over (US) $10 million annually on localization. Her company has some additional localization needs, and Mary has been asked to get quotes from a number of localization vendors. To each vendor, Mary will send a letter and several documents that reflect a typical eight-language project for her company. The vendors will be asked to reply with cost and schedule estimates.

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Translators Are Natural Marketers, but They Don't Know It!
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 09 @ 04:08:30 EDT (2265 reads)
Topic Translation Market

Here is something you probably never even suspected: as a translator, you are also a language (or words) expert, and marketing is essentially a way of using language (or words) to persuade people to take action and because of this, the transition from translator to marketer should be nice and smooth and easy for you...

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Promote Your Translation Services Through the ODP
Posted by ermali on Tuesday, October 09 @ 04:05:59 EDT (2273 reads)
Topic Translation Market

Short abstract: If you want to promote your translation services get your website listed in the ODP.

Disclaimer: Although I am an ODP volunteer editor who can review translators’ web sites, I do not represent the ODP in any official capacity.

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