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On the Name of God
Posted by genta on Thursday, January 08 @ 03:31:21 EST (2842 reads)
Topic Translation

Jim Knopf, Passion, the Mind, and Being a Translator

Scene 1: In the classic German children's novel, "Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer" ("Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver"), the orphan Jim and his rough-and-tumble friend Lukas drive their locomotive to China (which for reasons of political correctness has been changed to "Mandala" in recent versions) to rescue the lovely Chinese princess Li Si—whom Jim eventually marries.

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The Acquisition of Translation Competence
Posted by genta on Thursday, October 02 @ 04:55:31 EDT (4384 reads)
Topic Translation

through Textual Genre


In recent years the concept of translation competence has steadily gained acceptance up to the point where it has now become the most widely discussed issue in relation to translator training. Proof of this can be seen, for example, in the work carried out by Hurtado in the PACTE group (2001) or that of Kelly (2002, 2005, 2006). Translation competence is a complex, multifaceted concept that takes in a number of different aspects.

Many researchers have adapted the literary studies tradition focused on text genres to both the field of linguistics and language teaching (Swales, 1990, and Bhatia, 1993, among others) and to translation (Hatim and Mason, 1990; or, for example, the work of the GENTT team, and more especially García Izquierdo, ed. 2005).

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The Literary Translator and the Concept of Fidelity:
Posted by genta on Thursday, October 02 @ 04:21:08 EDT (3882 reads)
Topic Translation

Kirkup's Translation of Camara Laye's L'Enfant noir as a Case Study


The paper critically analyzes the English translation of Camara Laye's L'Enfant noir. It also explores the practical possibility of fidelity in literary translation. Since fidelity as a major translation criterion has been understood or misunderstood in many ways, this writer feels that it is essential to investigate the subject in order to ascertain whether fidelity is actually possible, particularly in literary translation, using a novel of an African author translated by a European as a case study.

The paper relies on Saint Jérôme's theory of 'non verbum pro verbo, sed sensum exprimere de sensu' (not word-for-word but sense-for-sense), the forerunner of the Interpretative Method propounded by the Paris School o Interpreters and Translators, University of Paris III, to analyze the English translations done by James Kirkup. The paper concludes that fidelity is a possibility in literary translation using the interpretative method.

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Individual Differences in the Translation Process:
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 07:17:51 EDT (3380 reads)
Topic Translation

Differences in the act of translation between two groups of ESL Japanese students


The purpose of this study was to identify the differences in translation processes between Japanese students who have less experience and those who have the experience of having lived in the United States. In order to achieve this goal, participants who were six Japanese students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania were asked to translate a short passage from Japanese to English and then interviewed as to their translation processes. This study lastly discusses the difference in translation process among Japanese students and the relationship between their word choices and their translations.

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Translation and Participatory Media:
Posted by genta on Wednesday, July 23 @ 06:12:34 EDT (3000 reads)
Topic Translation

Experiences from Global Voices


The advent of easy-to-use online publishing tools such as blogs and wikis has sparked considerable debate among members of the mass media and those involved in Internet technology about the future of news. While many such debates focus on distinctions between traditional journalism and various forms of "citizen media," very little attention has been paid to the potential role of translation in the context of this changing media landscape. The current article bridges this gap through a discussion of translation in one of the most influential citizen media projects in the world, Global Voices. The history of this organization, and the increasingly prominent function of translation within it, provide concrete examples of the challenges and possibilities of community-based translation in the realm of participatory media.

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Translation Services: My Way
Posted by genta on Monday, June 09 @ 11:41:37 EDT (2816 reads)
Topic Translation
A good translator should be able to provide good quality translation service jobs in more than one field. Then again, it is quite difficult to specialize both in engineering related texts and at the same time in translating novels. So it is important to believe in what you do and to truly understand it. Basically it is important to get involved in what you write.

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On the Importance of Schmoozing
Posted by Genta on Saturday, December 08 @ 04:22:32 EST (3525 reads)
Topic Translation
One evening many lifetimes ago when I was studying translation in graduate school at the University of Paris while working part-time as a bilingual secretary at a law firm, I got invited to a dinner party. The woman sitting next to me happened to be an English-to-French literary translator. A former neighbor of hers, who was a doctor, was trying to place an article in a prestigious American medical journal and had begged her to translate the abstract of his paper into English. "Aren't you studying translation?" she asked me, anxious to pass this assignment on to someone else. "Maybe you can help him."

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Translation of Internal Reports & Communications
Posted by Genta on Tuesday, October 09 @ 01:56:14 EDT (2269 reads)
Topic Translation

In today's global economy, it is not only trade that is international. It's the companies and their employees too. Therefore it's increasingly common to have companies with a variety of languages spoken in the divisions. So perhaps we should expect that translation of internal reports and communications is a regular occurrence?

I have worked at some pretty large international companies and from my own experience most businesses have not adapted to the language needs of the company. In fact most have not localized and translated their mission statement.

What seems to happen is either: 1) the company informally states that there is a single core language of the company and therefore the translation of internal reports and communications is not required. 2) An internal effort is made to 'translate' information on an as requested basis.

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Aspects of Scientific Translation:
Posted by Genta on Friday, October 05 @ 01:05:31 EDT (5610 reads)
Topic Translation
English into Arabic Translation as a Case Study

      It is unquestionable that English–Arabic scientific translation is increasingly becoming a topic of much concern and importance today.  Oil on the Arab side and technology on the Western side contribute to this importance.  This paper highlights the problems that are likely to be encountered in English–Arabic scientific translation and tries to establish certain possible factors which may finally lead to a theory of this sort of translation.  It also identifies certain differences that exist between scientific texts and literary ones. The paper also proposes a model for English–Arabic scientific translation in further attempts driving at a more extensive study.

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Informed Consent for Non-English Speakers:
Posted by Genta on Thursday, October 04 @ 06:27:32 EDT (2712 reads)
Topic Translation
Tips for Translation Success

Recruiting of non-English speakers for U.S.-based and global clinical trials is on the rise. As a result of this, foreign language translation becomes a critical component of clinical trials management. If done right, translations can play an important role in meeting global product demands. Otherwise, mistakes from poorly done translations can result in product delays, cost overruns, or, even worse, contribute to malpractice or product liability lawsuits.

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