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Collecting Past Due Accounting
Posted on Tuesday, October 09 @ 02:43:25 EDT
Topic: Payment Practices

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Be A Bulldog With Those Past Due Invoices

Make no mistake – if you forget about that past due invoice, so will the guy who owes it to you!
Professional collectors have an advantage over the in-house commercial collection agent in the technology they use. They work from highly sophisticated systems that dial collection calls automatically, identify and track an outstanding bill and program it for frequent phone follow-up. There is no way an outstanding bill gets overlooked.

But you don't need a $30,000 dialer to give voice to your bill, just a little self-discipline. Force yourself to get into the habit of making calls to the debtor every day, and do not give up! Call the debtor at different times of the day; vary your style, voice and pitch. When you run into a really tough situation you need to act like a bulldog. Turn up the intensity as needed.

Call anyone and everyone in the company that you have a number for.
Assume your conversation will be the topic of discussion in a meeting – it will if your call is firm and unusual enough. If all you can reach is someone's voice mail, utilize it as a last resort.
If you reach the CEO make your message something like this:

"Donny, you're not going to make it to the cover of Time unless you start returning call from people to whom you owe money. With all this corporate scandal in the news it's good to see that you are a light of integrity in the business world. Don't be afraid to return my call. My number is -----"

Sound tough? You bet! It had better be tough and so had you. Let him have it, because he is ripping you off, he's a thief. When he returns the call he'll be upset and that's good, that's half the battle. Hold your ground and state your position, don't yield or settle for less than the balance in full.

By Jim Finucan

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