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Category: Main -> Globalization

·  What is globalization?
·  What is the difference between globalization and localization?
·  What is a product globalization?
·  What is content globalization?

·  What is globalization?

The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) defines globalization as follows:

"Globalization addresses the business issues associated with taking a product global. In the globalization of high-tech products this involves integrating localization throughout a company, after proper internationalization and product design, as well as marketing, sales, and support in the world market."

Globalization is term used in many different ways. For example, there is the top, geopolitical level that deals with globalization of business as an economic evolution. Secondly, there is the globalization of an enterprise that establishes an international presence with local branch or distribution offices. Thirdly, there is the process of creating local or localized versions of web sites, which we will refer to as "web site globalization". Web site globalization refers to enabling a web site to deal with non-English speaking visitors, i.e. internationalizing the site's back-end software, designing a multi-lingual architecture, and localizing the site's static or dynamic content.

Publishers "go global" when they start developing, translating, marketing, and distributing their products to foreign language markets.

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·  What is the difference between globalization and localization?

  • Globalization is the process of making a product multi-lingual. All language-related aspects of the program are separated from the code, and all aspects, which vary with target country, are handled in a country-independent way.
  • Localization is the process of adapting a global product for a particular language and country. Localization includes translations and other conversion, and takes into account local practices and culture, providing a product, which is comfortable to use in the target country.
  • Translation is involved in most aspects of localization. Accuracy and appropriateness of translation are key to overall product quality.
  • Retrofitting is an informal term for localization of a product, which was not designed to be global. It is the first step taken by most companies entering the global marketplace.
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    ·  What is a product globalization?

    Product globalization is a multi-step process for creating local language versions of products and software applications. Software internationalization, software localization, and technical document translation result in user interfaces, on-line help systems, and documentation that are adapted to the cultural, linguistic, and technical requirements of specific international markets.

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    ·  What is content globalization?

    Content globalization is the adaptation of Web content, interactive media, printed documents, or packaging to meet the cultural, linguistic, and business requirements of a global audience. Since dynamic content is the product of an ongoing business process, Albaglobal content globalization solutions address process optimization, technology integration, and content automation requirements.

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