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The education system in the Republic of Albania is under the jurisdiction of the Albanian Parliament. The education system and the right to education is based on and established by the Albanian Constitution, which proclaims that education is a national priority.

In the Constitution of the Republic of Albania it is stated: "Everyone has the right to education." According to law, 9-year school education is mandatory. The student must be in school up to 16 years old. In compliance with the law, the members of national minorities have the possibility to teach and learn in their own language, to learn about their history and culture in the framework of school curricula.

Higher Education
Higher Education
The past and present challenges of Albania's HE system in view of the country's development ...

Learning Albanian
Learning Albanian
Foreigners in Albania can learn our language in our University...

Minorities/Special Needs Education
Minorities/Special Needs Education
Most of children from minority groups in Albania do not attend school...

Primary & Secondary Education
Primary & Secondary Education
The primary and secondary education reforms and main issues...


The development of the Republic of Albania, and the ongoing economic, technological, scientific and other reforms, requires further adjustment of education to social needs and establishment and conception of education policy.

Taking into consideration the constitutional orientation according to which the state shall regulate and provide aims and guidelines for development of the economy, science and technology, as well as the conditions for realization of rights of the citizens and general interests in the field of education, the development of education is an integral part of the total development of the country.

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