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Albanian law guarantees equal access to healthcare for all citizens. This is expressed in Constitutional Law number 7491 (April 24, 1991), which provides that “all citizens equally enjoy the right to health care by the state.” Healthcare in Albania is mainly public/state and only partly private. Healthcare services cover the whole country and are directed by the Ministry of Health.

Food safety
Food safety
As in Mediterranean countries, the staples in Albania are cereals, particularly bread and spaghetti...

Healthcare System
Healthcare System
Lifetime & death indicators are comparable to developed countries...

Albanian pharmaceutical sector is characterized by both public & private financing and delivery...

Healthcare in Albania is divided into three levels: Primary Health Care, which includes health centres and emergency rooms, paediatric clinics, centres of health education, hygiene centres, rural hospitals and maternity clinics. This level of healthcare exists throughout the country; Level II consists of medical services in hospitals, which include district hospitals and polyclinics and diagnostic services; and Level III consists of scientific research medicine, which includes 4 national university centres with diagnostic services.

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