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Living in Albania/Calendar
Holidays falling on weekend should be observed on the following Monday

Governing Law
Official public holidays in Albania are governed by the law 7651 of December 21, 1992 and the labour code of 1995 (law 7961) as amended by law 7780 of December 22, 1993. The labour code of 1995 stipulated that public holidays that fell on a Sunday were moved to the following Monday. Then, law 7780 of December 22, 1993, further stipulated that public holidays falling on a Saturday or a Sunday should be observed on the following Monday.

Holidays in Albania


Holiday Name


Rule Type **

New Year's Day

Tue Jan 1 ( n )


New Year's Holiday

Wed Jan 2 ( i )


Greater Bajram (Feast of Sacrifice)

Thu Jan 10 ( c )

Muslim ( 2 )

Summer Day

Fri Mar 14


Nevruz Day

Sat Mar 22


Easter Monday

Sun Mar 23 (varies)


Orthodox Easter Monday

Thu Apr 24

Orth. Easter

May Day

Thu May 1 ( i )


Mother Theresa's Day

Sun Oct 19


Lesser Bajram (End of Ramadan)

Thu Oct 23

Muslim ( 2 )

Independence Day

Fri Nov 28 ( i )


Liberation Day

Sat Nov 29


Christmas Day

Thu Dec 25


Greater Bajram (Feast of Sacrifice)

Wed Dec 31 ( c )

Muslim ( 2 )


Specific comments on public holidays in Albania

Holidays falling on a Sunday are generally forwarded to Monday.





Religious Holidays : Legal holidays and public holidays based on certain religious calendars are subject to local variations due to differing interpretations between different religious authorities, or to seemingly arbitrary changes in the date a holiday is celebrated because it conflicts with another holiday that is based on another calendar, or because the day of the holiday is deemed inauspicious (bad luck), To find out more about these uncertainties, see the specific footnote, if any, for each holiday.

( 2 )

Muslim Holidays: Muslim holidays, legal holidays and public holidays for Albania were evaluated using the Umm al-Qura Calendar of Saudi Arabia which is used in Saudi Arabia and in most of the Persian Gulf States. Holidays may occur a day later in countries outside the Gulf region. The sunrises, sunsets, moon phases, moonrises and moonsets used in these calculations are based on the location of Mecca (latitude 21.42°N, longitude, 39.82°E, GMT+3 hours, no summer time rules).

( b )

Omitted Holidays: Holiday does not occur in 2007. Unless this is an Arbitrary holiday (see the Observance column), this usually happens to holidays that occur around December 31st or January 1st and are moved forward or backward if they fall on a weekend, or also sometimes to lunisolar holidays and holidays based on calendars that can have leap months, making some of their years longer than 365 days (for example, the Chinese Lunar, Hindu Lunar and Jewish calendars).

( c )

Days in Lieu: These holidays, legal holidays and public holidays, in Albania, have specific official rules that determine that they are moved, or that a days in lieu is given when they occur on a Saturday or on a Sunday, or in both cases. The effects of those rules have already been included in the dates displayed above.

( i )

Duplicated Holidays: Holiday occurs more than once in 2006.

( n )

Sundays: As mentioned in footnote (i), above, our research indicates that legal holidays and public holidays that occur on a Sunday in Albania, are moved, or that days in lieu are given. The fact that the date displayed above is a Sunday means that this particular holiday does not move. Examples of this are religious holidays such as Easter Sunday, or the actual date of a holiday, such as Christmas, for which an additional day in lieu is given when it occurs on a weekend.



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