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A collection of Albanian Grammar e-books


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Bullet Albanian articles
Albanian articles

· Total Articles: 43
· Total Reads: 193733
  Vazhdimi i udhës së fjalëve
  Fjalëformimi në gjuhësinë shqiptare
  Për fjalën e bukur shqipe
  Formimi i popullit shqiptar dhe i gjuhës së tij
  Veçori tipologjike të shqipes së sotme standarde
  Dokumentet e para të shqipes së shkruar


Bullet Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing

· Total Articles: 6
· Total Reads: 25396
  Tame those %*?*&%$$ PDF files
  Using MS Word's Advanced Find and Replace Function
  How to collect stories with PageMaker
  Using Translation Memory Software (TMS):
  Exporting PDFs, Exporting Flash presentations, Customizing your keyboard
  Designing for a Non-English Audience


Bullet English Grammar
English Grammar

· Total Articles: 57
· Total Reads: 149676
  Grammatical Conversion in English:
  ADJECTIVES; When nice is not so nice
  British vs. American English
  The Conditional Tense
  Using the Grammar Check


Bullet Financial Translation
Financial Translation

· Total Articles: 6
· Total Reads: 23703
  Translating the Financial Statements of a Brazilian Bank into English
  Global Language Solutions Offers Tips for Financial Translation Success
  Zen and the art of multilingual financial reporting
  Financial or Legal Translation: Tools of the Trade
  Financial Translation: Why Localize?
  The Art of Translating Financial Documents


Bullet French Articles
French Articles

· Total Articles: 88
· Total Reads: 203302
  How to optimize your searches on the Internet
  Entrer en traduction, immigrer, l’un et l’autre, quelle histoire !
  Utilisation des codes ASCII pour les lettres accentuées en français
  Traduire : l'importance de la connaissance profonde de la langue d'arrivée.
  La mise en place du Translator’s Workbench (TWB):
  La traduction automatique à la Commission européenne:


Bullet German Articles
German Articles

· Total Articles: 53
· Total Reads: 132790
  Braucht der Übersetzungsdienst noch
  Die Nutzung der maschinellen Übersetzung in der Europäischen Kommission
  Wie man den PC im Internet standfest macht
  Probleme der automatischen Sprachverarbeitung
  Aus Ũbersetzungsfehlern lernen
  Die verborgenen widernatürlichen Folgen


Bullet Globalization

· Total Articles: 53
· Total Reads: 139694
  Translation and Culture
  Cultural Elements in Translation The Indian Perspective
  Why communication is so important when selling to a global market
  Asian Languages in Translation
  The Situation of Turkish Literature in the German Polysystem:A Descriptive Study
  How to Successfully Promote your Business to an International Audience


Bullet Interpretation

· Total Articles: 15
· Total Reads: 47014
  Make The Court Reporter's Day
  Some Advice on Preparing for Simultaneous Interpretation
  Translation and Interpretation Work for the LNG Tangguh Project
  Translation And Interpreting:
  Strategies for New Interpreters:
  Emotional and Psychological Effects on Interpreters


Bullet Italian Articles
Italian Articles

· Total Articles: 1
· Total Reads: 3889
  Traduzione e tradizione giuridica:


Bullet Legal Translation
Legal Translation

· Total Articles: 6
· Total Reads: 26209
  The Law of Business Organizations under the New Brazilian Civil Code
  Incongruity of Company Law Terms:
  Translating Law Texts is Translating Culture
  Options to Choose in Agreement Composition
  Two Legal Systems and the Term Homicide
  Pitfalls in Legal Translation


Bullet Lingustics

· Total Articles: 125
· Total Reads: 320957
  Constructing a Model for Shift Analysis in Translation
  Hyperformality, Politeness Markers and Vulgarity
  Language Ambiguity: A Curse and a Blessing
  Ideology and Translation
  Emotions, Taboos and Profane Language
  Commas Explained


Bullet Literature

· Total Articles: 19
· Total Reads: 62499
  The Arabic Language and Folk Literature:
  Reading my Poetry in Hebrew translation
  Comparing the German and English Translation of Turn in the River
  The Effects of Differences Among Rhetorical Categorizations
  Translation of Poetry: Sa`di's Oneness of Mankind Revisited
  The Translator's Dilemma


Bullet Localization

· Total Articles: 55
· Total Reads: 139850
  Making Your Multilingual Web Site Work
  Internationalization Using PHP and GetText
  The Power of... ''No''
  Getting The Client Localization Brief Right
  New Workshops for Translation and Localization Companies
  How to Leverage the Maximum Potential of XML for Localization


Bullet Marketing Yourself
Marketing Yourself

· Total Articles: 33
· Total Reads: 81406
  Making Your Resume Stand-Out:
  Teaming up with other translators
  Lab Report on a Marketing Campaign for Freelance Translation Services
  Quelques règles de correspondance commerciale anglaise
  What You are Marketing is Yourself
  Budget Marketing Can Work


Bullet Medical Translation
Medical Translation

· Total Articles: 6
· Total Reads: 24864
  SARS or ATP—A Misnomer in Mainland China
  Tips for Translation and Regulatory Compliance
  Difficulties in Translating Medical Texts
  Multilanguage Electronic Labelling for Medical Device Companies
  The Challenge of Translating Chinese Medicine
  Immunology—A Brief Overview


Bullet Miscellaneous

· Total Articles: 107
· Total Reads: 261320
  What the Guys Said, the Way They Said It,
  Are you a ''green'' translator?
  It's a Small World
  Sorry Guys, You Can't Win
  America versus British English
  How to continue foreign language immersion


Bullet Payment Practices
Payment Practices

· Total Articles: 19
· Total Reads: 50196
  Waking Up Sleeping Dogs - ARGENTINE TRANSLATORS
  Some day my prince will come...shopping
  Always check the fine print of your professional insurance policy
  Why Are Most Translators Underpaid?
  Profitability Guide for Translators
  Collecting Past Due Accounting


Bullet Portuguese Articles
Portuguese Articles

· Total Articles: 39
· Total Reads: 100720
  Avoid the ''Brazil Risk''
  Generic Translation Interface
  O Europeu trilingue - uma esperança realista?
  Mito e Realidade
  Recursos do Microsoft .NET
  Princípios da internacionalização de software


Bullet Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

· Total Articles: 27
· Total Reads: 74573
  Dealing with Quality Issues on the Translation process
  A Good Translation is Never Finished
  Translation services:
  Buzzword or Bonanza?
  Bad Translation Can Seriously Damage Your Health
  Inttranews Special Report: Quality in translation


Bullet Runing a Translation Business
Runing a Translation Business

· Total Articles: 41
· Total Reads: 105732
  The importance of project management for translation agency
  In Pursuit of the Cheapest Translation Cost
  The Importance of Project Management
  GnuCash: open source financial software
  Don't Lose Your Foreign Web Site Visitors by Insulting Them With Brain-Dead Tran
  On Netiquette, e-mails, etc.


Bullet Russian Articles
Russian Articles

· Total Articles: 1
· Total Reads: 8775


Bullet Spanish Articles
Spanish Articles

· Total Articles: 37
· Total Reads: 110165
  Tips and tricks para el traductor freelance
  La teoría de la traducción
  Terminología y terminótica
  El termino ''notario'' y sus diferencias linguisticas
  Avivando colegas - Traductores argentinos:
  ¿Cuáles son los pasos a seguir para que los traductores públicos


Bullet Subtitling

· Total Articles: 9
· Total Reads: 36432
  The Viewer as the Focus of Subtitling Towards a Viewer-oriented Approach
  Middle Earth Poses Challenges to Japanese Subtitling
  Subtitling: Changing Standards for New Media?
  The Viewer as the Focus of Subtitling
  Translating Culture-Bound Elements in Subtitling—
  Subtitling and Dubbing: Restrictions and Priorities


Bullet Terminology

· Total Articles: 20
· Total Reads: 59850
  For the Benefit & Helpe of Ladies and Gentlewomen:
  Navigating through Treacherous Waters:
  Foreignization/Domestication and Yihua/Guihua:
  Lexicographical considerations in creating an online bilingual lexicon
  A Journey into Chinese-English Environmental Translation
  Dictionary Review: Hungarian Practical Dictionary


Bullet Theory

· Total Articles: 40
· Total Reads: 119776
  Formulating Strategies for the Translator
  Theta Theory in English and French
  Domesticating the Theorists: A Plea for Plain Language
  Dynamic Equivalence (D.E.) and Idioms Translation
  “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”:
  Same questions - different continent


Bullet Translation

· Total Articles: 63
· Total Reads: 181469
  How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit
  Test Translations—an Update
  The Very Heart of English?
  The Very Mind of English?
  A Typical Translator?
  The Translation Job


Bullet Translation Education
Translation Education

· Total Articles: 59
· Total Reads: 167161
  Productive Bilingualism and Translator Education
  Including Technical and Academic Writing in Translation Curricula
  Why teach English as a foreign language?
  Don Kiraly's A Social Constructivist Approach to Translator Education
  Contacts between universities and the EU translation services
  Translation Evaluation in Educational Setting for Training Purposes:


Bullet Translation Industry
Translation Industry

· Total Articles: 26
· Total Reads: 69756
  Cross Cultural Marketing Blunders
  Translation Misconceptions
  Agencies are from Mars, Translators are from Venus II
  Agencies are from Mars, Translators are from Venus
  Walk The Dog, Round The World, Or Sleep?
  Hints for Translators


Bullet Translation Market
Translation Market

· Total Articles: 21
· Total Reads: 58570
  Seven Ways to Leave Your Translation Vendor
  How to Choose a Translator Wisely
  A Typical Translator?
  People, People Who Need People
  How to use a GILT Job recruiter
  ESL Jobs FAQ


Bullet Translation Techniques
Translation Techniques

· Total Articles: 33
· Total Reads: 127893
  The Translation of Advertisements:
  Translation of Proper Names in Non-fiction Texts
  Translation of Vietnamese Terms of Address and Reference
  Translating Abbreviations
  The Bottom Line
  A to Z of Screenplay Translation


Bullet Translation Technology
Translation Technology

· Total Articles: 131
· Total Reads: 319956
  Trados—Is It a Must?
  Wordfast Windows version: Translation tool is user friendly
  How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit Anita Karlson Henssler
  Kehot Publishes New English Translation of Torah
  Experiences with Greek users of MT
  ...and the Profession?


Bullet Work as Freelancer
Work as Freelancer

· Total Articles: 269
· Total Reads: 624215
  How to become a successful freelance translator
  Hiring a Freelance Translator or a Translation Agency?
  Indonesian Translator's Perspective:
  Found in translation – meet Alice, Bob and Carol
  How to get organized
  Electronic File Transfer & Conversion


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