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Bullet Translation Technology
Translation Technology

· Topic: Translation Technology
· Total Articles: 131
· Total Reads: 311859
  Trados—Is It a Must?
  Wordfast Windows version: Translation tool is user friendly
  How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit Anita Karlson Henssler
  Kehot Publishes New English Translation of Torah
  Experiences with Greek users of MT
  ...and the Profession?
  Computerized Workflow in the Translation Service
  Translator's Knowledgebase Requirements
  Machine translation (MT), and the future of the translation industry
  Reflections of a Human Translator on Machine Translation
  WordFisher for MS Word An alternative to translation memory programs for freelan
  Review of Atril's Déjà Vu 2 The Happy Hoarder
  Find & Replace Hints
  ClipMate: A Low-Cost Glossary
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  Blog as a marketing tool
  Standard Bearers: TM brand profiles at Lantra-L
  ''Downgrading'' from Wordfast to Trados:
  Future MT Developments
  Introducing CAT in The European Commission's Translation Service
  Resolving Ambiguities in SYSTRAN
  The Machine Translation Help Desk and the Post-Editing Service
  TMan - Subsentence-level Replacement,
  Translation Tools for the CEEC Candidates for EU Membership
  Translation Technology at the European
  J2450 Translation Quality Metric
  Gambro BCT takes the GMS cure
  The TM Debate Heats Up, SDL Fires Back
  ]project-open[ releases version 3.1 of its open-source based ]project-translatio
  Website translation as a way to promote your business abroad
  Is translation memory obsolete?
  New: LTC Organiser Version 5.0
  New: LTC Organiser V4.70
  Systran MT/TM integration
  A good reason for a new technology solution
  Statistical Machine Translation and Translation Memory:
  Machine Translation Vs Human Translation
  The Global Content Lifecycle
  The Impact of Translation Memory Tools on the Translation Profession
  Wordfast and Trados
  Installing and Launching the Heartsome translation suite on Linux
  Integrating the Elements
  Automated translation quality control
  Compiling Corpora for Use as Translation Resources
  Tips for OpenOffice.org Writer
  Choosing the right computer solution
  CAT Tools and Productivity: Tracking Words and Hours
  Discovering Translation Equivalents in a Tourism Corpus by Means of Fuzzy Search
  The Okapi Framework
  Maxprograms.com - Free Resources for Translators
  Open Source Update
  OpenOffice.org tips and tricks
  Martin Wunderlich's FOSS links page
  Okapi framework released; Heartsome 6 upcoming
  OpenOffice.org 2.0 released
  Getting Started with Trados FL in Two Minutes
  Focus on ForeignDesk
  Fun with OpenOffice.org
  First translation with Wordfast
  Wordfast Installation
  What are CATs?
  CAT - Beware of the beast!
  OmegaT, a review
  Design and Development of Translator's Workbench
  Q and A with Tim Foster of Sun Microsystems
  thebigword IT Security
  Translation Memory Sharing
  What is Translation Memory?
  Freeware, free software and the open source paradigm
  NeoOffice: OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X
  Trying Out Linux
  OmegaT's latest release reviewed
  Running Wordfast on CrossOver Office
  Featured application: OpenOffice.org
  Sun Microsystems releases Open Language Tools
  Using XML technology to reduce the cost of authoring and translation
  Translation Technology for Sale: Buyer Beware!
  Amikai: Best-Of-Breed MT Engine
  To Align Or Not To Align
  Teaching Computers
  Making the Pieces Fit
  The history of machine translation in a nutshell
  The development and use of machine translation systems and computer-based transl
  Translation Technology and the Translator
  Retrospect and prospect in computer-based translation
  Machine translation and human translation: in competition or in complementation?
  Towards a new vision for MT (Machine translation)
  Machine translation today and tomorrow
  ''Show Me That Letter''
  ''Unicode - Where Are We?''
  Web Services for Translation
  Teaching Computer Aided Translation Tools
  CAT tools: A brief overview about concordance software
  Getting More from Translation Memory
  TMX: Maximizing the Return on your Translation Memory Investments
  MT and Language: Conflicting Technologies?
  Where Do Translators Fit into Machine Translation?
  Limitations of Computers as Translation Tools
  Fishing for the Right Word
  QWERTYUIOP or Our Typewriter Territory
  How Well Does Computer Translation Work?
  Two German Books About Machine Translation
  Search engine features and search techniques
  Successfully Mounting Software Operations in China
  On-Demand Translation Management Technology
  Technology Acceleration
  Building multilingual websites
  Controlled language: the next big thing in translation?
  Translation Management System: Is Bigger Really Better?
  Wordfast: A quick and inexpensive way to translate
  Translation Tools Today
  PDAs and the Interpreter
  Will technology ever replace human translation services?
  MT and MAT
  Trados—Is It a Must?
  SDL/TRADOS Reactions Mostly Positive
  SDL to acquire TRADOS
  Translation Technology Failures and Future
  Using Trados's WinAlign Tool to Teach the Translation Equivalence Concept
  The Interpretive Model and Machine Translation
  Creating the Ideal Word Processing Environment
  Translators’ Emporium
  Technology and the Fine Arts
  Translators’ Emporium
  Translators’ Best Web Sites
  Ethical Implications of Translation Technologies
  To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade
  Navigating in a New Era:
  Uncontrolled Terminology and MT:
  Translators’ Emporium
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