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Bullet Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

· Topic: Quality Assurance
· Total Articles: 27
· Total Reads: 72807
  Dealing with Quality Issues on the Translation process
  A Good Translation is Never Finished
  Translation services:
  Buzzword or Bonanza?
  Bad Translation Can Seriously Damage Your Health
  Inttranews Special Report: Quality in translation
  Using a Specialized Corpus to Improve Translation Quality
  Machine Translation (MT) - the 80% Solution?
  Back Translation for Quality Control of Informed Consent Forms
  7 Steps to Great Translations
  Quality Assurance – The Client Perspective
  Mission Impossible:
  Why ISO Certification (still) matters
  Translation standards - who needs them?
  We Now Have Concrete Proof:
  The EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services:
  The New ASTM Translation Guide
  A Roadmap to Quality Translations
  Four steps to achieving quality in translations and localisation
  Seven Secrets of good translations
  Good briefings result in good translations
  Quality Assurance for the Translation Industry:
  Proofreaders' Marks
  My Golden Rules For Quality Assurance In Translation
  Polishing Your Translation Style
  The Importance of Adequacy in Translation
  Do We Really Need Translation Standards After All?
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