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Bullet Marketing Yourself
Marketing Yourself

· Topic: Marketing Yourself
· Total Articles: 33
· Total Reads: 79481
  Making Your Resume Stand-Out:
  Teaming up with other translators
  Lab Report on a Marketing Campaign for Freelance Translation Services
  Quelques règles de correspondance commerciale anglaise
  What You are Marketing is Yourself
  Budget Marketing Can Work
  To Attract Attention, You have to Show Off
  Making Time for Marketing
  What Do You Mean I Am A Product?!
  Writing Cover Letters That Sizzle
  Inside The Mind Of A Telecommuting Employer!
  Being visible on a budget
  Prepare your way to Copywriting Success
  Turn Your Email Sign-Off Into Results
  Ten tips for writing good sales copy
  How to Build An Empire With Business Cards
  Web Site Promotion
  Home Business Advertising Is Not An Expense
  Attract Clients With Your Business Card
  The 7 myths of marketing a service business
  An inexpensive way to market your business
  Alleviate Your Internet Marketing Stress
  A translator’s CV – a translator’s best friend
  Creating your business information material – your own brochure
  Your website: Your virtual business card
  Can you hire me now?
  Lab Report on a Marketing Campaign for Freelance Translation Services
  How to write a good covering letter in English
  How to write a good CV in English?
  Best Face Forward: In Person Marketing Skills for T&I Professionals
  Being Unique is a Good Thing... Isn't It?
  What Marketing Can't Do For You
  On Becoming a Translator
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