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· Topic: Miscellaneous
· Total Articles: 107
· Total Reads: 254489
  What the Guys Said, the Way They Said It,
  Are you a ''green'' translator?
  It's a Small World
  Sorry Guys, You Can't Win
  America versus British English
  How to continue foreign language immersion
  Name of translator in publications
  How to avoid undesirable mail (read ''spam'') in your mail-box
  Do you know where your clients’ sensitive data is?
  EXPLAIN or TRANSLATE: a perpetual dilemma
  Teaching English to second language learners
  Speed Reading Simplified!
  Great Technical Writing:
  Kids Can Learn Spanish
  How To Get Your Kids To Speak Your Language
  History Of The World Intellectual Property System According To Me
  Inttranews Special Report: the Deaf Culture
  Inttranews Special Report: Birds, brains and learning
  Open for Business
  From the top (Let's Embrace Diversity)
  Achieving Cultural Competence:
  Hosted XML Content Management:
  Babylon, a Software Liberating Language Learners Worldwide
  Inttranews Special Report:
  Fortune 500 - Multilingual websites
  The official language of the United States
  Developing the Relationship between Translators and Localization Companies
  documens is back!
  A Multilingual Website Is
  The Ambient eLearning EU Project
  LTC wins joint European translation contracts
  Spanish Speaking Market Explodes
  Medieval Arabic Translation: Rise and Decline
  A Portrait of the Translator as a Political Activist
  Interview with Gabe Bokor
  Translating for the German Genealogy Market
  Inttranews Special Report: Words Without Borders
  The Hague Program and how it could affect the translating and interpreting
  Q and A with Dmitri Popov
  Intellectual Property and Copyright:
  On Censorship: A Conversation with Ilan Stavans
  ''Fronting for Franco''
  Inttranet: ''Linguists of the Year'' for 2004
  Inttranews Special Report: Freed Burks
  On Dictionaries: A Conversation with Ilan Stavans
  Online dictionary resources for patent, technical and medical translation
  Wikipedia vs. Britannica - Interview with Tom Panelas
  The Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 Opens to the Web
  The Six Sins of the Wikipedia
  ''Mind your language… or pay the price in Rubels!''
  Language constraints and human rights
  The language of power
  Some Comments on Ignorance About Esperanto
  As - Sayyab : A Censored Poet & Translator
  How About Taking a Shortcut?
  Building your own computer from parts
  The US$498.00 Linux laptop
  Why Esperanto and Syriac?
  Controlling What Programs Windows Runs Automatically
  Keeping Track of Date and Time with Excel and Other Ways to Clock Your Work
  Working in Brazil
  The Law of Business Organizations
  How To Start Your Voice Over Career
  How To Hire A Voice Over Talent
  Collecting Rent in the Tower of Babel
  Revelations of a Case Style
  Country Profile - France
  Doing Business in Brazil
  Country Profile: Russia
  Doing Business in Indonesia
  Doing Business in Sweden and Finland
  Spotlight On Japan
  Spotlight on Mexico
  Doing Business in Poland
  How much bang are you getting for your buck?
  When The Divide Is Only A River, Not An Ocean
  English is THE Second Language
  Expand your business, 300 million consumers are waiting
  The Languages of the Former Yugoslavia
  Immerse Yourself In The Greek Language And Culture
  Inttranews Special Report: The end of the written word
  Inttranews Special Report:
  Abbreviations made easy
  In Memoriam: Rosa Codina
  In Memoriam: William J. Grimes
  In Memoriam: Leslie Willson
  The Bottom Line
  The Contact between Cultures
  American Translators Association Surpasses 10,000 Members
  In the Beginning Was the Alphabet
  Translators’ Best Web Sites
  In Memoriam: Margareta Ugander
  The Bottom Line
   Football Is Coming Home to Die-Hard Translators
  Personality-Oriented Principles in Teaching Languages
  The Bottom Line
  Dr. Marijan Ante Bošković
  Whistle-Blowing and Language Professionals:
   God's Translators:
  The Best Breed of Project Managers
  The Bottom Line
  The Bottom Line
  Ethics 101 for Translators
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