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Bullet Terminology

· Topic: Terminology
· Total Articles: 20
· Total Reads: 58534
  For the Benefit & Helpe of Ladies and Gentlewomen:
  Navigating through Treacherous Waters:
  Foreignization/Domestication and Yihua/Guihua:
  Lexicographical considerations in creating an online bilingual lexicon
  A Journey into Chinese-English Environmental Translation
  Dictionary Review: Hungarian Practical Dictionary
  New English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionaries:
  Translating on Good Terms
  Specialized Monolingual Corpora in Translation
  The Tricky Terminology of the Oil and Gas Industry
  Terminology: Getting Down to Business
  The Terms of Business
  An Open Letter on Glossaries
  New Terminologies:
  Lexicon and Terminology: Of Mesopotamia, cattle and interest
  Better vocabulary
  Picturesque German - German Idioms and Their Origins
  Lexicon and Terminology:
  An Integrated Approach to the Translation of Special Terms
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