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Bullet Literature

· Topic: Literature
· Total Articles: 19
· Total Reads: 61140
  The Arabic Language and Folk Literature:
  Reading my Poetry in Hebrew translation
  Comparing the German and English Translation of Turn in the River
  The Effects of Differences Among Rhetorical Categorizations
  Translation of Poetry: Sa`di's Oneness of Mankind Revisited
  The Translator's Dilemma
  How to Read Culturally Diverse Authors:
  'Tulip Fever' by Deborah Moggach;
  Maddening Amusements; A Richness of Trees
  In the Footsteps of Giants Translating Shakespeare for Dubbing
  The Situation of Turkish Literature in the German Polysystem:
  Poetry Translation
  A New Approach to Translation:
  Translating Turgenev’s Prose: Unveiling The Invisible
  Book review: ''The Stories of English'' by David Crystal
  The Polysystem Theory. An approach to children's literature
  Maxim of Manner and Metaphoric Address in Translation
  The Bellicose Character of Medical Prose
  Translating Rape
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