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Bullet Translation Techniques
Translation Techniques

· Topic: Translation Techniques
· Total Articles: 33
· Total Reads: 127893
  The Translation of Advertisements:
  Translation of Proper Names in Non-fiction Texts
  Translation of Vietnamese Terms of Address and Reference
  Translating Abbreviations
  The Bottom Line
  A to Z of Screenplay Translation
  Eileen Chang's Translation of The Golden Cangue
  Chinese Translation of Literary Black Dialect
  A Study of Persian Translations of Narrative Style:
  Hindrances in Arabic-English Intercultural Translation
  Unique Korean Cultural Concepts in Interpersonal Relations
  New Zealand in Translation:
  Images, Imagination and Image-Gestalt
  The Bottom of the Iceberg
  Tips To Help You Find A Reputable English To Spanish Translator
  Mini-Guide to Translating French Documents
  Proper Names and Translation
  Corpus-based Study of Differences in Explicitation
  Meaning: The Philosopher's Stone of the Alchemist Translator?
  The Comparable Corpus-Based Chinese-English Translation—
  Getting Graphic
  How to Face Challenging Symbols:
  Skopos in Practice:
  Meaning: The Translators’ Role in Clarifying Some Misconceptions
  The Seven Steps
  Twelve Ways to Enhance Translation Quality
  One's Loss, Another's Gain:
  Lost in Translation:
  Uniquely Typical or Typically Unique?
  From Mechanics to Managers
  The Cultural Transfer in Anime Translation
  Translating Humor in Dubbing and Subtitling
  Bringing the Best Western Classical Literature to Turkish Masses
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