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Bullet Theory

· Topic: Theory
· Total Articles: 40
· Total Reads: 117101
  Formulating Strategies for the Translator
  Theta Theory in English and French
  Domesticating the Theorists: A Plea for Plain Language
  Dynamic Equivalence (D.E.) and Idioms Translation
  “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”:
  Same questions - different continent
  Translational Relationship:
  Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice of Translation
  Translation in Context
  Equivalence in Translation
  The Implication of Culture on Translation Theory and Practice
  A few words on translations
  Aesthetics & Translation
  Gender and Translation
  Japanese and Korean: testing the links
  Foreignization / Domestication and Yihua / Guihua:
  Writing and Translation
  Translation Theory
  Some Images and Analogies about Translation
  The Language Contest
  The History of Translation History
  1536—1546: Ten Years that Changed The Perception of the Translator
  Translators and Interpreters:
  Hermes - God of Translators and Interpreters
  Some Major Dates and Events in the History of Translation
  Mediation as translation or translation as mediation?
  These Embarrassing, Costly, Terrible Typos
  Results of Poor Cross Cultural Awareness
  Lost in Translation?
  The Moving Text
  Why is English the international lingua franca?
  Causes of Failure in Translation and Strategies
  Book Review:
  The Invisible in Translation: The Role of Text Structure
  Synonymy in Translation
  Good Translation: Art, Craft, or Science?
  Product: not process
   Linguists and Culture Experts at a Crossroad
  Translating Publicity Texts in the Light of the Skopos Theory:
  Is Translation a Rewriting of an Original Text?
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