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· Topic: Translation
· Total Articles: 63
· Total Reads: 177191
  How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit
  Test Translations—an Update
  The Very Heart of English?
  The Very Mind of English?
  A Typical Translator?
  The Translation Job
  Virgin Birth and Red Underpants
  Hermeneutics and Translation Theory
  Writers Working As Translators
  Science in Translation
  Translation in Afrikaans Today
  From text to the spirtit within
   A Price That Is Too High to Pay
  The pros and cons of personnel in the translation business
  Translators' Attitude to Badly Written Texts
  How To Make The Translation Process Less Labour Intensive
  Educating the Customer
  The Hidden Life of Translators
  Psst! Theory can be useful!
  Translation of Multilingual Instruments in the EU
  Translators’ Confrontations with False Ideas about Language
  Adding Value to Translation with DTP Partnership
  Globalizing Communication
  The Ball is Yours, Proofreader!
  An Invisible Traitor
  Translating for recipe books and menus
  Translation Of Personal Documents – A Window Into Our Strange World
  Translation Myths
  Who Is Responsible For A Translation?
  Translate.org.za: Passionate about open source,
  Translation and Censorship in European Environments
  Dealing with Abbreviations In Translation
  Translation Problem Areas
  Looking for answers within
  Musings of a Japanese Translator in New York
  9 Tips For Increasing Translation Quality While Decreasing Translation Cost
  The language of business – how fluent are you?
  Translation in international organizations
  ''Waiter! There’s an insect of the order Diptera
  Stylistic Problems Confronting Arab Students in Arabic-English Translation
  What Makes a Translator?
  Major mistakes when responding to job offers
  Is something wrong with our profession?
  How many words per day?
  Subordination and Coordination in English-Arabic Translation
  Quick Answers to General Questions
  Professions for Foreign-Language Users
  Thoughts for the Future
  Ethics and Professionalism in Translation
  Translations – What to do when a word doesn't exist
  Working from audio recordings
  Internet and Cultural Concepts from a Translation Perspective
  Translation of Charactonyms from English into Russian
  Informed Consent for Non-English Speakers:
  Aspects of Scientific Translation:
  Translation of Internal Reports & Communications
  On the Importance of Schmoozing
  Translation Services: My Way
  Translation and Participatory Media:
  Individual Differences in the Translation Process:
  The Literary Translator and the Concept of Fidelity:
  The Acquisition of Translation Competence
  On the Name of God
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