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· Topic: Localization
· Total Articles: 55
· Total Reads: 139853
  Making Your Multilingual Web Site Work
  Internationalization Using PHP and GetText
  The Power of... ''No''
  Getting The Client Localization Brief Right
  New Workshops for Translation and Localization Companies
  How to Leverage the Maximum Potential of XML for Localization
  Coping with Babel: How to Localize XML
  OSCAR: Visioning the Future of Standards
  The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)
  Are You Talkin' to Me?
  Project Management, ROI and Efficiency
  Localizing Online Help: Robohelp vs. Flare
  Resources in Microsoft .NET
  The Basics of Software Internationalization
  Translation is NOT enough - localization makes the difference
  Mainstreaming L10n Purchasing
  What the future of localization holds
  What Do We Want From Localization Tools?
  Proper Steps to Take During the Creation of a Website to Help Web Developers
  Localization of Content Management System (CMS) Websites
  Customer Elements within Glocalization
  Evolving Localization and its Brand Extension
  Translation of Italian Recipes: Localization?
  Wikipedia: Localization in a Free Content Community
  May Flowers
  The “Good Ol’ Days” Are Gone
  Discovering the Joys of Internationalization in Australia
  Risky Business!
  The Digital Divide - Why Localization Matters More Than We Know
  With a Clear Vision and His Feet on the Ground
  What Planet Are They On?
  Making Sim Ship Work
  Minority Report on Localization 2003
  Localization Solved?
  Localization2: Selling the 21st Century
  Time-to-Market: It’s Standards or Die!
  A Passage to Localization Down Under
  The GILT Industry and the Cultural Gap
  Is Localization a Mouse or a Rat?
  Culture and Website Localization
  Localisation in The Netherlands: Training and Career Opportunities
  Stopping the Word Count Insanity
  When Suppliers Merge: A Survival Guide for Clients
  A Localization Revolution
  Bringing It All Back Home
  Why do localization Projects Fail?
  Offshoring considerations
  Switching Off Autopilot: The Power of Choice
  Chinese whispers:
  eCoLoRe (eContent Localization Resources for Translator Training)
  What Localization Models Can Learn From Translation Theory
  Software Localization, what is it?
  Software Localization: Seven Important Rules
  Translation and localization services to boost product penetration
  Document Localization
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