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Bullet Globalization

· Topic: Globalization
· Total Articles: 53
· Total Reads: 136380
  Translation and Culture
  Cultural Elements in Translation The Indian Perspective
  Why communication is so important when selling to a global market
  Asian Languages in Translation
  The Situation of Turkish Literature in the German Polysystem:A Descriptive Study
  How to Successfully Promote your Business to an International Audience
  Thinking International?
  Respecting multilingualism in the enlargement of the European Union
  Translating for a larger Union – can we cope with more than 11 languages?
  Welcoming The Staff Members From The New Member States
  Cultural Implications for translation
  Common Mistakes When Planning Website / Application Globalisation
  RLN London “Supporting Internationalisation”
  Legal Aspects of Compiling Corpora to be used as Translation Resources
  A global monolanguage/monoculture
  The state of web globalization today
  April is Multicultural Communications Month
  How to get management buy-in for web globalization
  XML and DITA
  Globalizing Translation. What Hope For The Translator?
  Translators could help to bridge the divide between the Muslim and Western world
  Centralization or Decentralization?
  Intelligence Report: Within Borders: Globalization at Home
  Getting China Straight
  How Far Should the European Union Reach?
  LISA Best Practice Guide: Managing Global Content
  What is the Largest Information Ecosystem?
  Capitalizing On The Benefits Of A Foreign Language Translation Firm
  Is thinking global killing local?
  Globalization Market Overview
  Globalisation Management Systems Discussion
  Where Business Meets World:
  Maturing Internet Markets Warrant Increased Web Globalization,
  Because Knowing Is Not Preferring
  Eliminating Barriers to Web Globalization
  GILT: Observations from a Technical Communicator’s Perspective
  Globalization of Voice Applications: It’s Only the Beginning!
  Globalization: People, Process and Technology
  Globalization Is Here! The Year of Content
  Follow the Money to Latin America
  GILT: Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation
  Globalisation and Translation
  The Open Global Web Architecture (OGWA)
  Return on Investment in Multilingual Websites from a Marketing Perspective
  Global to the Core
  From Tokyo to Barcelona
  Spotlight: Hanspeter Siegrist
  From Tea Leaves to Coffee Grounds
  An Emerging Giant in the Global L10n Arena
  Chinese Characters
  Global Translation: The Dream of a Translation Tower of Babel
  GILT-Internationalization, a right-brainer approach
  Growth of Translation Services Due To Globalization
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